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Located in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, Tysons Institute serves the rapidly growing Washington Metropolitan area, a vibrant area where jobs requiring computer skills, human resources and proficient communication skills that are always in demand.  

Tysons Institute is one of the most renowned private computer training institutes in Virginia. We are proud to serve a diverse community of students and working professionals at one of the fastest growing business locations.

Formerly STMC Training Institute, Tysons Institute has served clients in both the public and private sectors. Among Tysons Institute’s clients are US federal, state, and local governments; financial, investment and banking institutions; professional organizations and associations; corporations; and foreign embassies.

The IT training program at our Institute was ranked fourth in Washington D.C. metro area in 2010 according to Washington Business Journal. In 2011, US Commerce Association recognized Tysons Institute as the best institute for computer and management training.

Tysons Institute was approved to operate as a TOEFL testing center.

State Licensure

Tysons Institute is certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).

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TI has been co-occupying a big building with other tenants as such our facility is leased. Our facility in campus is about 4,500 sq. area with 10 classrooms, 1 library, 2 break rooms (kitchens), 5 office rooms, and 1 IT room.

Tysons Institute classrooms are equipped with comfortable seating, ceiling-mounted projectors, projection screens, and computer cabling. Also, most classrooms have wireless internet accessibility.

Tysons Institute has both general purpose and state-of-the-art specialized classrooms. General purpose classrooms are traditional rooms with specific scheduling requirements governed by best matching the subject being presented with consideration of the room size and class size. Specialized classrooms have been equipped with information technology equipment. Courses where the instructor requires technology to support the delivery of instruction, and where the technology is used on a regular basis, are given scheduling priority for these rooms. The facility has eight general purpose classrooms and four computer labs. Classrooms, media services, and computer laboratories are available for use when classes are not in session.

Tysons Institute classrooms and restroom facilities are equipped with accessible stalls. Accessible parking spaces are available for students with disabilities and are clearly marked.

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Student Services

Library Services

Physical Library: Tysons Institute’s library maintains an in-house collection of books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials. Additionally, there will be a part-time library staff available as needed. The librarian will ensure that all textbooks and learning services are up to date with the latest software offered at the institute.

Information Technology Services

Tysons Institute is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals by providing the support needed for success. IT Department will support the educational computer software, as well as the computer hardware in classrooms. Trouble-shooting of the classroom computer equipment will be performed as needed. IT Department will create student accounts for accessing the Institute’s network from the day of registration. Free wireless Internet access is provided in the Institute. Connection to the wireless network at any given time is not guaranteed. Free electronic mail accounts will be created and provided to students who are enrolled in a program. The use of such electronic mail accounts must be related to academic pursuits. Incidental and occasional personal use of these accounts is acceptable when such use does not generate a direct cost to the Institute.

New Student Orientation

Tysons Institute student services seek to integrate students into the Institute community and to support and complement student learning inside and outside of the classroom. To support the needs of our new students, a mandatory New Student Orientation program is held prior to the beginning of classes during each quarter. During this program, students are introduced to the Institute’s related policies and procedures, curricular advising, course loads, and standards of academic progress. This New Student Orientation program provides students with the opportunity to learn about daily life at the Institute and to become acquainted with other Institute students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Local transportation options, banking, and shopping opportunities are also highlighted with the goal of assisting new students with their acclimation to the Greater Washington D.C. Metro area.

General Counceling and Placement Services

The Institute’s Career Counselor is available to answer students’ questions concerning their job search endeavors and career paths. Workshops in the areas of job search techniques and resume building are organized regularly. Some of the topics that have been covered during these workshops include:

  1. Job and internship search tools
  2. Student resume and cover letter building
  3. Career counseling
  4. Job-related workshops and OPT counseling
  5. Creating relationships with companies that would like to work with our students

Tysons Institute does not guarantee employment after completion of the program.

Lost and Found

Lost and found articles are handled through the administrative assistant. Found items will be safely stored at the front desk area until retrieved by the owner.


There is ample parking. Parking is on a first come first serve basis in designated areas. Any vehicle, with or without a valid permit, may park in any space.

Open Lab

Tysons Institute provides open lab hours to students. Students may use Tysons Institute equipment, when it is not in use by scheduled classes, with the approval of instructors.